Needs for Credit Recovery in Colorado

This page is to share what you want to learn at the training and from future trainings on the topic of online, blended, and competency-based credit recovery programs.

  1. Horizon HS - online credit recovery, wants to learn more about blended learning
  2. Valley HS - have online, want to move to blended
  3. Have online and night classes, want to move to blended
  4. North of Greeley, have online cr, GED program at night, want to learn everything
  5. Denver PS - have online, want to learn more about OCR
  6. Denver PS - what about kids who do not have basic skills they need to access online programs
  7. Denver Office Workforce Development Center - support school districts, drop out prevention
  8. Counselor - online HS and do credit recovery - want drop out prevention and college prep merge ideas for rehabilitating the student
  9. Denver PS - have online credit recovery - want more options/choices for credit recovery
  10. Residential treatment centers - options for students who can't access
  11. Drop out prevention office at CDE - what do schools need and what are options
  12. Greely PS - have credit recovery - interested in future of online learning and credit recovery
  13. West Ed PS - want to use this for rural students
  14. West Denver Network - supervise 3 engagement (drop-out recovery) centers - support options in district - how CDE and schools can work together and the opportutnities for connections
  15. Special Education for Youth Corrections - how can online support students in special ed
  16. Dept of Employment Services (GED and Credit Recovery) - want to work with school district to do more
  17. Summit SD - credit recovery options, especially for truancy issues
  18. Youth Corrections - want to know what opportunities are available
  19. Summit HS - trying to do more CBL - want to know what is happening
  20. Outreach Coordinator - one on one students do well, independently, how do you keep kids successful
  21. Working with Special Needs Students
  22. Homeless Liasion - want more information to share with families
  23. Centennial BOCES - migrant education - how to help migrant students
  24. Centennial BOCES - other options besides online for students who don't have access to the Internet in Rural areas
  25. St. Braine HS - just starting to do credit recovery, want to learn more about online credit recovery to support students
  26. Colorado Youth for Change - work with multiple districts - how can we support credit recovery in the schools
  27. Colorado Youth for Change - have blended learning center, want to do more with online
  28. Dropout recovery list - how do we get started
  29. Aurora Central HS - more info on credit recovery
  30. JeffCO - mastery based learning for credit recovery
  31. how unique populations can work with online credit recovery, best practices, give kids access, who is appropriate learner
  32. Alternative Campus in Adams 12 - blended learning in middle school, and how to use it
  33. Dropout recovery support for alternative schools
  34. Have credit recovery in all high schools and looks different in each school, how to make them look more in sync, how to use mastery based learning
  35. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce - learn everything
  36. GOAL Academy on WEstern Slope - credit recovery in general
  37. GOAL Academy - online HS, do a lot, but want more options on what to be thinking about
  38. GOAL Academy, online HS - increase participation
  39. GOAL Academy - drop out prevention
  40. Pueblo City Schools - have an online program and credit recovery labs in schools, ways to blend this, profile for successful online learner
  41. Hidden Lake HS - brick and mortar and online, wants to learn more
  42. Hidden Lake HS - stepping stone to learn more about public education and the next generation of schools
  43. District 51 on Western Slope - struggle with matching need of learner to the right program (special need students) alternative credit recovery programs
  44. Greeley-Evans SD - learn more and how we can do it better
  45. Community College System for CDE - more about credit recovery - how to help with Graduation Pathways
  46. Denver West - ways to not have to hand hold, strategies for schools, unit recovery - want to expand this program
  47. West HS - learn more about credit recovery options
  48. Brighton SD - want to connect with others, learning recovery
  49. Falcon District 49 - program within school and want to connect with others
  50. West HS - more information on blended learning, best practices for implementing credit recovery
  51. Colorado Youth for Change at West HS - working with students in online credit recovery
  52. New America School - accrediting prior learning
  53. help kids how to graduate, credit recovery, work with staff
  54. facilitated credit recovery, wan to promote more individualized, self-inititated learning
  55. Grand Mason HS/Job Corp (Eastern Slope) - more options for getting hs diploma
  56. Academy School District 20 (Colorado Springs) - unit recovery, shift from time-based to comptency-based learning, NCAA recognition
  57. Counselors and CTE - drop out prevention and credit recovery
  58. Adams 14 school district - systemic consistency, depending on teacher credit recovery looks different, what do they do after they fail again in credit recovery
  59. JeffCo - online classroom to credit recovery - what shift do we need to make - how do we make credit recovery more systemic
  60. listen and learn
  61. hear what others in Colorado are doing
  62. systemic thinking
  63. want to learn from others about what they are doing
  64. CDE Expelled and At-Risk students - support schools
  65. CDE, office of post-secondary preparation and success - course readiness, academic plans, lots of projects - want to hear about what everyone is doing in order to better support them
  66. oversee drop-out prevention at CDE - office of partnerships and office of drop-out prevention and engagement - foster care - move students who are at highest risk to support them. CDE has commitment that public education is for all students - want to be inspired and motivated to move policy to support these new models
  67. Expelled and At-Risk Students Grant at CDE Manager - stay abreast of best practices and sustain these models
  68. 21st Century program - technical assistance for grantees - help out of school time support day school time with these new options
  69. Community Partnerships - 30 hs programs - what are best practices that we can connect to school programs for credit recovery